Nigerian Youth Peace Hotspots

Abdulaziz  Aliyu


Nigerian Youth Peace Hotspots is a platform managing by JEFON 100% LOGISTICS in supported with the Youth 4 Peace in order to expanding the frontiers of social convetions and deepening the concept of Youth, Peace and Security agender and other related matters as a strategic tools for contextual, optimal financial and human resources.

The hotspots brings together youth-led and youth focusing organizations to shere ideas and exchange good practice as peace builders toward strengthening the activities of their various communities. It's also organize trainings for youth and student leaders from various institutions, Unions and culture groups to build their capacities in mobilizing youth for peace and security engagement in their respective communities. And;

Also to provide capacity development for youth and student of tertiary institutions and community organization as facilitating diverse ranging of coaching and mentor strong leadership and peace building activities to support government of the societies at all governmental levels and community structures.



Nigerian Youth Peace Hotspots is a platform that provide with the aims of promoting youth particiption in peace building in order to have a greater voice in peace decision-making at the local, national, regional and international levels and to consider setting-up mechanisms that would enable young people to participate meaningfully in peace processes. It's also brings together a wide constituency of civil society organizations, including youth-led and youth-focused organizations, Nigerian entities, donors, institutions and inter-governmental bodies to promote the overall guidance and support to the growing community's of practice on youth, peace and security (YPS) and helps coordinate ways to translate UNSCR 2250 policy into practice, improve and amplify evidence-based practice, support and advocate for young people’s meaningful participation in peace and security efforts as fasilitating diverse range of couching, medeation and other forms of peacebuilding locally and intationally.

Our Objective 

Jefon will engage youth and student leaders from various institutions and communities across the country in a Youth Peace hotspots to;

1. Build their leadership and peace building capacities.

2. Strengthen their networks for an increased youth particiption in peace and security through advocacy, media engagement, peace education and community mobilisation, and

3. Ensure that they got to have their space and voices in the promotion and implementation of peace decision-marking, government programs and governmental affairs.


Your participation will

Deepen your understanding of youth participation in peace and security settings:

1. Enable you build peace building abilities and help you participate in reducing political violence and communal conflict.

2. Increase innovative and effective student leadership in high institutions.

3. Enhance inclusive governance for women and young people by creating equal opportunities and participation for all categories of citizenry.

4. Promote voice on peace matters so that beyond mere engagement in peace activities and numbers during peace dialogue, they can become active in peace building, decision marking and improved youth engagement in security issues that affects their communities.