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Report - Sri Lanka National Consultation on Youth, Peace & Security The Sri Lanka consultations held from April to July 2017 in Colombo, Batticaloa, Kilinochchi and Matara, were part of a series of national and regional consultations for the Progress Study mandated by UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.

The consultations were coordinated by a network comprising UN Agencies (namely, UNV, UNFPA, FAO and UNICEF) and Civil Society / Development Organizations (such as World Vision Lanka, Search for Common Ground, Sri Lanka Unites, Hashtag Generation, International Youth Alliance for Peace, Rotaract, Open House International, Helvetas and WUSC Sri Lanka). This report was developed by Search for Common Ground and UNV in consultation with the network organizations.

Eighty-eight young participants took part in the consultation with the aim of (i) generating an understanding of the meaning of peace and security to youth in Sri Lanka; (ii) identifying the obstacles and challenges faced by youth in peacebuilding efforts; and (iii) recommending measures at the community, national, and international levels to create an optimal environment in which youth can thrive in peacebuilding. This report reflects the views of the youth participants to these consultations.