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UNSCR 2419

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Resolution 2419 (2018) is the second resolution by the United Nations Security Council on youth, peace and security and was unanimously adopted. It recognizes the positive role young people can play in negotiating and implementing peace agreements and conflict prevention. The resolution urges stakeholders to take young people’s views into account and facilitate their equal and full participation in peace and decisionmaking processes at all levels. In addition, the resolution requests the Secretary-General to submit a report on the implementation of the resolution 2419 (2018) and 2250 (2015) on youth, peace and security, no later than May 2020. A Security Council debate on youth, peace and security was held 6 June 2018 with available meeting record and meeting coverage.


Resolution 2250 was the first Security Council resolution on youth, peace and security, which recognized the role of youth in sustaining peace. The Secretary-General was requested to carry out a Progress Study on youth’s positive contribution to peace processes and conflict resolution, which led to the Independent Progress Study on Youth Peace and Security: The Missing Peace (2018). The progress study served as a basis for resolution 2419 (2018).